Family tree

Katarina Salén

Flod & Hav

Flod & Hav is a Gothenburg-based travel agency that sells the British sister company Noble Caledonia’s voyages of discovery, amongst others, with the Salén-owned cruise ships M/S Island Sky, M/S Caledonian Sky and M/S Hebridean Sky. The company’s travel experiences are marketed as small scale, high quality and comfortable, with spacious cabins, first-class food and knowledgeable and experienced guides. 


Investment AB Jamaica

Investment AB Jamaica owns and manages two residential and office properties on Styrmansgatan on the corner of Strandvägen in central Stockholm. The property at Styrmansgatan 2 also contains Salénia/Westindia’s head office. The company is owned in equal parts by Katarina Salén, Patrik Salén, Staffan Salén and Erik Salén.

Noble Caledonia

Noble Caledonia is a London-based travel agency that arranges voyages of discovery with smaller cruise ships, all over the world. Noble Caledonia works with smaller ships with some 100 passengers and high quality programmes with speakers, guides and carefully selected landings where the focus is very much on the experiences of nature and culture. The journeys are arranged on the company owned vessels M/S Island Sky, M/S Caledonian Sky and M/S Hebridean Sky, plus a few other hired ships. Katarina Salén and Per-Magnus Sander are the majority owners of Noble Caledonia. 


Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust

The Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust works to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions within the areas in which the Noble Caledonia travel company operates and visits. The collected monies come partly from a percentage share of Noble Caledonia’s profits and partly from collections amongst the company’s personnel and partly from donations from travellers on the vessels. Amongst the projects undertaken was a collection in 2014 for new fishing boats for the fishing villages that were severely damaged by the typhoon in the Philippines.

Salén Ship Management

Salén Ship Management’s operations are centred around manning and managing the running of the Salén-owned cruise ships M/S Island Sky, M/S Caledonian Sky and M/S Hebridean Sky. The company’s focus is on ensuring that the ships are maintained to the equivalent of at least a four-star plus standard and to maintain a permanent and experienced crew. The vessels are hired out on long-term contracts to Noble Caledonia and sail with passengers 350 days per year. The company was founded in 2009 by Katarina Salén and Per-Magnus Sander.