Family tree

Patrik Salén

Credelity Capital AB

Credelity Capital’s business concept is to create growth in value via investing in non-quoted growth companies. The company invests in medium-large industrial and trading companies with an annual turnover of between 200 and 500 million SEK. Examples of company investments include Aritco (platform lifts), Gycom (electrical components) and Exotic Snacks (nature snacks and candy). Patrik Salén is part-owner and an investor in Credelity. 



Garpco AB is an investment company that owns and manages small and medium large industrial companies. The shares are traded on the Alternative Share Market and the Salén family together, own 15 per cent of the capital and close to 23 per cent of the voting rights in Garpco.


Hyper Island

Hyper Island is an educational company specialising in digital and interactive media, with offices in Karlskrona, Stockholm, Singapore, Manchester and New York. Training courses are formed to simulate working life in order to prepare students for the labour market. Patrik Salén is a member of the company board of Hyper Island as well as being part-owner.


Investment AB Jamaica

Investment AB Jamaica owns and manages two residential and office properties on Styrmansgatan on the corner of Strandvägen in central Stockholm. The property at Styrmansgatan 2 also contains Salénia/Westindia’s head office. The company is owned in equal parts by Katarina Salén, Patrik Salén, Staffan Salén and Erik Salén.


Mowic is the market leader for GPS systems for the operation and maintenance of roads and infrastructure. The company owns and runs a mobile data communication network, Mowic Nät, for professional users with a high demand for operational security. The range of customers includes local authorities, construction companies, power stations, emergency services and meteorological services. Patrik Salén sits on the board of Mowic.


MVI Equity

MVI Equity is a risk capital network made up of some 100 entrepreneurs and company leaders who invest in unquoted companies with a focus on Sweden. MVI Equity is responsible to identify, analyse, present and administer investment objects on behalf of the investor network. The company focuses on majority investments in companies with an annual turnover between 100 and 200 million SEK. Examples of company investments include Noxon (Decanter Centrifuges) and SMP (Swingotilt and excavation equipment). Patrik Salén is part-owner and investor in MVI Equity.



Precio is a complete supplier of customised IT solutions with a focus on Microsoft technology. In 2014 the company had some 135 employees and the company’s clients include energy authorities, Save the Children and Swedish Match. More than half of sales are to the public sector. Patrik Salén sits on the board of Precio and is also a share holder.