Family tree

Staffan and Erik Salén

All holdings shown below are owned by Salénia or the Westindia group of companies, that in turn, are 100 per cent owned by Staffan and Erik Salén.

Amapola Flyg AB

Amapola Flyg offers a wide range of air services to the regional air freight market. The services cover complete air freight systems and charter brokerage services. The company’s biggest customer is Posten Logistik AB (Postal Logistics Ltd). The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salénia/Westindia. 



eWork is a complete supplier of consultancy services within IT, telecommunications, technology and business development. The company’s business concept is based on a consultancy brokerage model which means that the consultants are not directly employed by eWork. The company has grown considerably since it was founded in 2000, and has been quoted on the stock exchange since 2008. Salénia/Westindia owns 28 per cent of the company.


Higman Marine

Higman Marine operates on a niche market within coastal shipping in the USA, where they move oil barges by means of push-barges from the Mexican gulf up the Mississippi river to the refineries further north. Higman works on several years contracts for major oil companies such as BP, Shell and others and is the third largest actor on the push-barge market in the USA. The company has its head office in Houston, Texas and Salénia/Westindia own 25 per cent of the company.


Investment AB Jamaica

Investment AB Jamaica owns and manages two residential and office properties on Styrmansgatan on the corner of Strandvägen in central Stockholm. The property at Styrmansgatan 2 also contains Salénia/Westindia’s head office. The company is owned in equal parts by Katarina Salén, Patrik Salén, Staffan Salén and Erik Salén.

Landauer Ltd

Landauer is a trading company for seafood such as prawn/shrimp, octopus and fish. The majority of the products come from South-East Asia and are sold to Europe and North America. The company is based in London and was founded in London in 1878.


Largus Aviation

Largus Aviation runs the renting out of aeroplanes for operational leasing, including to its sister company, Amapola Flyg AB. Largus Aviation’s fleet of planes includes Fokker 50s, Embraer 145s and Jetstream 32s. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salénia/Westindia.


The Metsnik group owns and manages forestry properties in Estonia. In total the group owns some 50,000 acres of land on the islands of Dagö and Ösel. Salénia/Westindia own some 20 per cent of Metsnik. 



Sagax invests in commercial properties, primarily in the warehousing and light industrial segment. The property portfolio in 2014 included more than 180 properties, with a rentable area of over 1.6 million square metres, the majority of which are located in Sweden, principally in the Stockholm area with a third of them in Finland. The company is quoted on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and Salénia/Westindia own some 10 percent of the company.


Strand Kapitalförvaltning

Strand Capital Administration was founded in 2004 with the aim of only offering customised discretionary capital administration, but as a result of demand it has  also started trust fund administration. The company is independent and long-term in its administration and bases its investments on its own analyses. Salénia/Westindia owns 31 per cent of Strand Capital Administration.