Salénia AB is a well-established third-generation family business with over a century of experience in entrepreneurship, business, and investments. Salénia AB is currently managed by Erik and Staffan Salén.

The Salén brothers

We started trading publicly listed stocks in the 1980s and have since built up a group of companies where we have often been involved from the start.

What are we looking for in an investment?

When considering investments, we seek companies that possess a clear business concept, exhibit potential for long-term growth, and demonstrate robust barriers to entry within their operations. Ideally, these companies should already be profitable and have the potential for international expansion.

Our approach to holding investments is characterized by an infinite time horizon, although we have occasionally sold holdings. We firmly believe that adopting an exceptionally long-term perspective provides us with a competitive advantage as owners and benefits the companies we invest in. This philosophy is also shared by the entrepreneurs we choose to partner with. Additionally, we are open to collaborating with like-minded owners who share our investment philosophy.

We are firm believers that the right founders and leaders can significantly impact a company’s success.

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